Reports, Plans, Studies and Agreements

Washington County Water Conservancy District prepares a wide variety of reports, plans and agreements to keep water users informed about water supplies, projects and management. Click on a title below to view the full report.



Maddaus Water Management Water Conservation Technical Analysis Report, 2010

Kolob Septic Tank Density Analysis Report, 2007

Leeds Area Sewer Feasibility Study, 2006

Petition for Classification of the Navajo/Kayenta & Upper Ash Creek Aquifiers, 2005

River Stability Study for Santa Clara & Virgin Rivers, 2005

Groundwater Protection: Recommended Septic System Densities, 1997

Population Management Study, 1994

The Virgin River: The Lifeblood of Progress, 1994

Economic Studies

Economically Efficient Funding of Special Districts in Utah, 2000

Analysis of Economic Issues regarding water management and planning in Washington County, Utah, 2012

Evaluation of Economic Impacts of Quail Creek and Sand Hollow Reservoirs, 2012

Lake Powell Pipeline Studies

Utah’s Perspective: The Colorado River, 2002

An Analysis of the Economic Costs of not building the Lake Powell Pipeline in Washington County, Utah, 2007

Draft studies submitted to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) are available here.

Additional federal and state references that may be of interest: