The district manages three water conservation gardens in St. George. The gardens serve as an educational, social and recreational amenity for public use. Gardens are open daily, during daylight hours.

Gardening workshops, hosted by the district, are held frequently at the gardens and cover a wide range of topics. See the 2016 workshop schedule here.

The Garden

1851 S. Dixie Dr. in the Tonaquint Park

The Garden is a two-acre water-wise demonstration garden designed to
showcase water-efficient landscapes while educating community members on
water conservation, growing/planting/pruning tips, best irrigation
practices, native and climate-appropriate vegetation types and more.

The Garden, which was dedicated on October 24, 2002, is funded and
maintained by Washington County Water Conservancy District in cooperation
with the City of St. George. Grants from the United States Bureau of
Reclamation helped establish the project. Costanza & Associates, a
Utah-based landscape architect firm, provided the original design and Utah
State University Cooperative Extension is an educational partner.


Tonaquint Water-Wise Community Garden

1851 S. Dixie Dr.

Dozens of Dixie residents are growing a wide variety of fresh produce at
the Tonaquint Water-wise Community Garden, a one-acre garden organized in
44 plots for resident gardeners who each oversee a 5’x18’ or 12’x18’

Gardeners benefit from an onsite horticulturist and volunteer master
gardeners who offer hands-on instruction on how to plant, nurture, maintain
and protect various food-producing plants. Participants learn about healthy
eating, sustainable land use and conservation of natural resources.

Residents interested in securing a parcel at the garden are encouraged
to review the Guidelines and Policies for The Community Garden and contact
the district at 435.673.3617.

Tonaquint Water Wise Community Garden is a collaborative project of the
Washington County Water Conservancy District, City of St. George, Utah
State University Extension and Natural Resource Conservation Service.


Red Hills Desert Garden

375 E. Red Hills Parkway

Red Hills Desert Garden is Utah’s first interactive garden featuring
water-efficient desert landscapes, endangered species and prehistoric
dinosaur tracks in one central location.

The nearly 4.5-acre garden features nearly 5,000 water-efficient plants,
a replica slot canyon, clear acrylic panels revealing rarely seen native
endangered fish, a display of unearthed dinosaur tracks and other
prehistoric trace fossils found onsite, meandering trails, shade structures
and more – all set in a picturesque location with Washington County’s
signature red hills to the north and panoramic city views to the south.

The garden, which opened in 2015, enhances the existing educational,
recreational and social amenities available to residents and guests. It’s a
collective project of the Washington County Water Conservancy District,
City of St. George and Virgin River Program.