Washington County Water Conservancy District underwrites a long list of programs and rebates designed to save home and business owner’s water and money. The following list highlights the district’s major initiatives:


Water Checks

Water Checks is a free annual program from May 15 to September 30 that provides participants a recommended efficient watering
schedule that results in an average 30-percent water savings. An irrigation specialist will come to your home to run a
series of tests on your sprinkler system, which will take approximately one hour. Since the water district launched this
program in 2005, more than 1,500 water checks have been performed resulting in an estimated water savings in excess of
19 billion gallons. Call 435.673.3617 to schedule an appointment.

Water Upon Request

Water Upon Request is a free program that encourages local restaurants to serve water only to those who request it, saving
as much as 1.5 to more than 3 gallons of water for every glass of water not served. For more information or to participate
in the program, complete the following form:

Program Details and Application.

Save the Towel

Local hotels and spas can save water, do less laundry and reduce operating costs by encouraging guests to reuse towels during
their stay. For more information or to participate in the program, complete the following form:

Program Details and Application.


WaterSense Toilet Rebate

Receive a $75 per toilet rebate (up to $150 per household) for replacing year 2000 and prior toilets with an EPA WaterSense
version. Toilets account for nearly 30 percent of an average home’s indoor water consumption. Replacing toilets could save
almost 4,000 gallons of water a year.

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Water Smart Irrigation Rebate Program

Water Smart Irrigation Rebates reward homeowners financially up to $500 for the conversion of spray zones to high efficiency
spay nozzles, micro drip systems, capping a zone and replacing a traditional controller with a Smart Water Application
Technology (SWAT) controller.

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Multi-family High-efficiency Washer Rebate Program

Receive up to a $300 rebate to multi-family property owners who purchase new, qualifying high-efficiency washing machines.
High-efficiency washers use 55 percent less water than standard clothes washers, reducing water use by more than 11,000
gallons of water a year.

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Water Smart Commercial Upgrades Equipment Rebate

This rebate rewards business owners 50-percent of the cost on air-cooled equipment and WaterSense plumbing fixtures and the
full cost of a 1.6 gallons per minute pre-rise spray valve.

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Smart Controller Rebate

Receive a rebate for 50 percent of the cost (up to $150) when you purchase an eligible WaterSense smart controller. Smart
controllers can help save water by automatically adjusting watering schedules based on local weather and landscape needs.

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Other conservation efforts supported or coordinated by the district include:

  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) WaterSense Partner
  • Time of day watering ordinance
  • Increasing block rate structure
  • Impact fee increases with size of irrigated landscape
  • Requirement of a water conservation plan from wholesale customers
  • Canal systems converted to pipelines eliminating loss from seepage and evaporation
  • Water-efficient landscape workshops
  • Training and certification of landscape professionals
  • Demonstration gardens
  • Support state designed Water Week
  • Participants in Governor’s Water Conservation Team
  • Statewide water-wise plant list and tagging program
  • Local media campaign
  • Statewide “Slow the Flow” media campaign
  • Public athletic fields conversion to artificial turf grant program

Call 435.673.3617 for additional information on the district’s many conservation initiatives.