Board of Trustees Meeting Schedule

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Board of Trustees Meeting Schedule

All meetings are held at 6:00 p.m. at the district’s office, 533 E Waterworks Drive, unless otherwise noted.

Date Agenda Minutes
January 3  Agenda  Minutes
January 16  Agenda  Minutes
February 7  Agenda  Minutes
March 7  Agenda  Minutes
April 4*  Agenda  Minutes
May 2 Agenda  Minutes
June 6 Agenda
June 27 Agenda
July 11* Agenda
September 5 Board facilities tour
October 17* Agenda
November 14
December 5


Date Agenda Minutes
January 4  Agenda  Minutes
February 1  Agenda  Minutes
March 1  Agenda  Minutes
April 5*  Agenda  Minutes
May 3  Agenda  Minutes
June 7  Agenda  Minutes
July 25*  Agenda  Minutes
August 16*  Agenda  Minutes
September 6 Board facilities tour
September 20  Agenda  Minutes
October 18*  Agenda  Minutes
December 6  Agenda  Minutes


Date Agenda Minutes
February 3 Agenda  Minutes
March 2 Agenda  Minutes
April 6* Agenda  Minutes
May 4 Agenda  Minutes
May 31 Agenda  Minutes
July 6* Agenda  Minutes
September 7 Agenda  Minutes
October 5 Agenda  Minutes
October 26 Agenda  Minutes
November 9* Agenda  Minutes
December 7 Agenda  Minutes


Date Agenda Minutes
January 20th Agenda Minutes
February 17th Agenda Minutes
April 21st* Agenda Minutes
May 19th Agenda Minutes
June 12th Agenda Minutes
July 14th* Agenda Minutes
September 8th Board facilities tour
October 13th Agenda Minutes
November 10th* Agenda Minutes
December 8th* Agenda Minutes

*Work meeting to begin at 3:00 p.m.