RFP’s & Bids

Washington County Water Conservancy District greatly values its service providers and contractors. Any open requests for proposals or bids are listed below.


The Washington County Water Conservancy District (district) will accept Statements of Qualifications (SOQs) from firms who desire to provide engineering services to the district. This is a general announcement and not related to any project. There is no deadline date. Click here for submission instructions.

REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS (closes March 16, 2020)

The Washington County Water Conservancy District is requesting proposals for removal and cleanup of two mobile homes on its property located in Anderson Junction.  The homes are located at the end of Seven CS Lane and on the east side of Anderson Junction Road.  The district expects the mobile homes, skirting, associated materials and the pad area to be completely cleaned and utilities properly disconnected.  Proposals can be delivered to the district office at 533 E. Waterworks Drive or emailed to corey@wcwcd.org.  Proposals are due Monday, March 16, 2020 at 4:00 p.m.


The Washington County Water Conservancy District will review Statements of Qualifications (SOQs) submitted by firms who desire to provide engineering services, with the intent of selecting consultants to provide design and construction management services for the Ashcreek Pipeline Project.

This project consists of approximately 18 miles of pipeline with diameters varying between 18” and 36”.  The main transmission pipeline originates at Ashcreek Reservoir on the Black Ridge and travels down the east side of I-15 to Anderson Junction where it will discharge into the future Toquer Reservoir.

The project will also include capturing two tributaries on Pine Valley with a diversion dam structure, where the water will be piped and moved to a regulating pond to provide Pintura with a pressurized irrigation system.

An additional pipeline will be installed to transmit water from Toquer Reservoir to the existing Toquerville Irrigation regulating pond.

Consultants will provide recommendations for pipe sizing and material as part of their design services.  They will also coordinate with the engineering firm managing the construction of the Toquer Reservoir and Dam, to design and manage the construction of a campground, restrooms, boat ramp and other facilities included in the recreational plan. Consultants will also assist with acquisition of Right of Ways as needed.

The district plans to separate the project into multiple construction contracts that can be constructed simultaneously in order to shorten the overall project period.  To do this, the district may find it prudent to have multiple engineering consultants participate in the design and construction management of the project.  The district will review SOQs submitted on or before March 16, 2020. Click here for submission instructions.

In order for an SOQ on file to be considered for this project, the consultant must email Randy Johnson at randy@wcwcd.org by the March 16 deadline and state their interest in this project.