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Eligible Retrofits:

Conversion of a spray zone to high-efficiency nozzles―conversion of existing turf zone from traditional, pop-up spray heads to multi-stream, rotating heads. These heads use up to 20% less water than a standard sprinkler head by distributing water more slowly and uniformly to the landscape. Additionally, water directed from these nozzles is less likely to mist, resists misdirection resulting from strong winds, and significantly reduces run-off onto streets, sidewalks and driveways with a more directed flow.

Conversion of a spray zone to micro drip― converting turf area currently irrigated by pop-up heads into a micro drip zone. Drip systems must have appropriate pressure regulation and a filter.

Capping a zone —the removal and capping of an existing irrigation zone. This may occur because the area has been converted to hardscape or plants are mature and do not require supplemental irrigation.

Smart Water Application Technology (SWAT) Controller—replace a traditional controller with a SWAT (Smart) Controller on the system. Click here for details.

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Instructions and Application

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