The majority of the district’s water is delivered to municipal customers who serve more than 85 percent of the county’s population. Municipalities currently served by the district include St. George, Washington, Hurricane, Ivins, Santa Clara, LaVerkin, Toquerville and Leeds.

Each of these cities has signed the Regional Water Supply Agreement (RWSA), which was adopted by the district in 2006 as an innovate approach to water sales that promotes collaboration and conservation.

Through the RWSA, the district and partnering municipalities cooperate and coordinate action with respect to the planning, development, acquisition, construction, operation, management and maintenance of water and related facilities necessary for the continued growth and development of Washington County. The agreement also provides operational capacity and improved flexibility to better serve the county’s residents. In addition, the agreement encourages conservation requiring municipal customers only pay for the water that is delivered to them rather than charging for water in blocks as in traditional “take-or-pay” contracts.

As part of the agreement, the district is required to acquire, construct and operate its water system to meet anticipated municipal demand as prioritized by elected officials and the community. This involves developing new supplies and working in partnership with the state.

Cities are required to maintain their existing water infrastructure systems in addition to implementing the following conservation practices:

  • Collect district impact fees that increase based on irrigated area, encouraging new development to minimize outdoor water use
  • Have a water conservation plan
  • Implement water conservation rate structures
  • Enforce time of day water use ordinances
  • Establish landscape ordinances
  • Promote secondary irrigation systems
  • Participate in planning to ensure maximum use of reuse water
  • Use secondary water on all municipal facilities for which such use is feasible

The RWSA relies upon collaboration through committee participation in an effort to maximize cooperation in achieving the goals set forth above.

The district does not have the authority to dictate or enforce municipal conservation practices.

In addition to the RWSA, the district has a Water Supply Agreement with the town of Virgin that allows the municipality to purchase water from the district when needed. The agreement was signed in 1997.

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