The Community Integrated Resource Planning Advisory Committee (CIRPAC), organized by the district in 2012, is a 29-member committee to advise the district on water resource planning for Southern Utah.  Committee members are tasked with evaluating the district’s management and development of water resources, conservation, water quality, planning, funding and more.

Participating members represent financial institutions, local governments, businesses, developers, educators, environmental advocates and local residents.

Following is a summary of CIRPAC meetings hosted to date.  Meetings are open to the public.  Additional meetings for this committee have not been scheduled at this time.

Date Agenda Presentation Minutes
06.16.2016 Agenda Washington County Water Update by Ron Thompson Minutes
05.15.2014 Agenda Washington County Water Update by Ron Thompson;
Conservation Workgroup Report by John Brailsford
11.21.2013 Agenda Lake Powell Pipeline Preliminary Financing Model by Jeremy Aguero Minutes
10.24.2013 Agenda District Overview by Ron Thompson Minutes
09.26.2013 Agenda Dealing with Risks and Vulnerabilities by Richard Bay;
The Flaws of Fill Mead First by Dennis Strong
08.15.2013 Agenda The Local Waters Alternative to the Lake Powell Pipeline by Amelia Nuding;
The Lake Powell Pipeline Development Act by Eric Millis
06.27.2013 Agenda Virgin River Program – Cooperative Recovery by Henry Maddux;
2013 Stewards of Water by Sterling Brown
05.23.2013 Agenda Water Stability in Washington County, Utah: A Review of Economic, Fiscal
and Development Impacts by Jeremy Aguero
04.25.2013 Agenda Utah’s Water Conservation Program by Eric Klotz;
Conservation and Hardening by Barbara Hjelle
03.28.2013 Agenda Water Rights, Diversion, Use, Conservation, Government Boards and Agencies
by Dennis Strong; Water Pricing by Dennis Strong and Ron Thompson
01.24.2013 Agenda State Requirements for Water Supply by Paul Wright; City of St. George Reuse Facility
by Rene Fleming and Washington County Water Conservancy District
11.29.2012 Agenda Water Resources in Washington County: Water Cycles and Drought Planning
by Corey Cram; Virgin River Water Yield Modeling by Todd Adams
10.25.2012 Agenda Washington County’s Water Resources and Financing by Barbara Hjelle and John Crandall Minutes
09.27.2012 Agenda Organization of CIRPAC, About the District and an Overview of Utah’s Public Open
and Public Meetings by Ron Thompson

Additional Reference Materials

Federal Statutes and Regulations

State Funding for Water Projects

State Statutes and Regulations

Utah’s Perspective: The Colorado River
Regional Water Supply Agreement