Washington County’s current water supply comes from a combination of surface (direct diversions and
reservoirs) and ground (springs and wells) water from the Virgin River watershed, a tributary of the
Colorado River. This water source has been developed and used by the county since the area was
founded and is reaching its full development capacity.

Water suppliers in Washington County deliver almost 60,000 acre feet of potable water annually from
surface and groundwater in the Virgin River watershed. The district’s average annual water yield from
its existing facilities is approximately 30,000 acre feet.

Click here to see a chart of the reliable clean water supplies developed by each public community water
system in Washington County.

Creating additional and more diverse water supplies for Washington County is critical for the state,
district and local water users. The Virgin River watershed is prone to excessive drought conditions and is
not sufficient to meet the demands of a population projected to quadruple by 2060.

The district is working with the state and its municipal partners to identify additional water resources for
the county that include new resource development, wastewater reuse and agricultural conversions.