Sand Hollow Regional Pipeline

The district is constructing an 11.5-mile, 36-inch diameter ductile iron water transmission line, known as the Sand Hollow Regional Pipeline, to provide culinary water to the southern areas of Washington and St. George. The approximately $16 million project, which started construction in 2019, will increase system efficiency and security and decrease treatment and pumping costs. Providing an independent loop to the system will also help protect water delivery in the event of an emergency or system maintenance or malfunction.

Water will come from the wells near Sand Hollow Reservoir, travel through Warner Valley and connect to the existing St. George and Washington municipal water systems. The pipeline is scheduled for completion in late 2019. The district will be constructing some camp sites along the pipeline access road and installing a composting restroom where an off highway vehicle trail intersects the pipeline route.

In addition to the pipeline, a three-million gallon concrete water storage tank will be constructed in 2020 and connected to the pipeline. The tank, which will be located in Washington just east of the Warner Valley exit of State Route 7, will accommodate fluctuations in system demand.